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We Are HostingForex S.A.

Our Mission

We specialise in providing Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers designed for Forex Trading.

Hosting Forex S.A. provides premium customized Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers designed for Forex Trading. Our mission is to provide traders with superior trading tech solutions, helping them with a high-value service.

Run your MT4 Expert Advisors or cAlgo robots in our Virtual private server, you can completely automate your trading, without even needing to keep your local computer running. With our VPS service you can forget about downtime, instead, get reduced latency that will allow your algorithms to trade uninterrupted.

More customers are using MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) or cTrader for Forex on their VPS Server. You can now use our Forex VPS for 24/7 trading, our uptime ensures you don't miss any trade. All of our servers run with Windows operating systems which are familiar to most forex brokers.

We are a team of experts helping traders become successful in what they do.

Multi-Region Locations

Forex Virtual Private Server is a remote computer accessible from any location in the world.
Our data centers are designed with the highest performance, security and reliability in mind.

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